UBC Club

In 2014, the Beneath One Sky UBC Club launched, bringing our activities to British Columbia’s largest university. Beneath One Sky UBC is an AMS club at UBC that is in affiliation with the grassroots non-profit organization, Beneath One Sky.

Poverty affects more than two thirds of the world’s population. People suffer, become thieves, prejudice, and hopeless. There are many of us who forget that every single person in this world has dignity and is worthy of hope and love. We are all human, and we all live beneath one sky.

It’s easy to think of poverty as something that occurs in developing countries. We often forget that poverty exists in our own backyard. Most of us have preconceived notions of what poverty looks like, and who is affected by it. At BOS UBC, we want to debunk any myths surrounding poverty, and allow others to make a difference in their community by providing students with opportunities to directly impact those in need.

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UBC Club Executives

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