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Beneath One Sky has become an involved group in the Simon Fraser Community. As part of our mission, we give members of SFU opportunities to get involved in the community, participate in our backpack runs, volunteer, and help run events and fundraisers on campus to raise awareness of the issues of poverty today.

Poverty affects more than two thirds of the world’s population. People suffer, become thieves, prejudice, and hopeless. There are many of us who forget that every single person in this world has dignity and is worthy of hope and love. We are all human, and we all live beneath one sky.

It’s easy to think of poverty as something that occurs in developing countries. We often forget that poverty exists in our own backyard. Most of us have preconceived notions of what poverty looks like, and who is affected by it. At BOS UBC, we want to debunk any myths surrounding poverty, and allow others to make a difference in their community by providing students with opportunities to directly impact those in need.

SFU Burnaby Club Meetings: 
Wednesdays @ 1:30-2:20pm in AQ 4115.

You can join our club online on SFSS’ site:
Beneath One Sky SFU Club

We’ll be sending regular emails about meetings, volunteer opportunities, and current projects. If you would like to join the SFU mailing list, contact Bea Gamboa at bea@beneathonesky.org, and if at any time you’d like to be taken off the list, just send an email to cancel.

Our SFU Club during the Christmas Potluck Meeting 2010

SFU Club Executives

Fall 2012

Interested in becoming an executive? Contact Felice at felice@beneathonesky.org with your name and your position of interest.

Carol Anne Nicol

Senior Advisor
Shantelle Medel

Surrey Campus Coordinator/Senior Advisor
Felice Rafael

Volunteer Coordinators
Joe Powers
Raman Dhaliwal

Event Coordinators
Tommy Lu
Lauren Smythe

Angela Trinh

Bea Gamboa

Social Coordinators
Nadine Wilk
Robyn Lakes