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Building For Hope Benefit Concert

The Origin

In 2009, a group of high school and college students led by then Holy Cross (Surrey, BC) high school senior and student council president, Shantelle Medel, organized a benefit concert to help raise awareness, and money, for the Gawad Kalinga Organization (Philippines). The plan was simple: create a concert to raise enough funding to help build a village in the Philippines. The work was proven difficult, but after a month of planning and one of the longest days of their lives, the young students pulled through to what was a fantastic event.

From that first concert, they have evolved and learned. This will be the third year planning the event and they have expanded our goals. A majority of the profits will remain to serve Gawad Kalinga, while the rest will be divided amongst other local- and globally based projects with the objective to serving others and overcoming poverty.

Past Concerts

Building For Hope Benefit Concert 2011

May 21, 2011 | Chief Sepass Theatre, Langley BC

Beneath One Sky’s 3rd annual benefit concert was an amazing and fun-filled night; Thank you to all those who attended and support us. The money we raised in this event will be donated to ANCOP, helping the impoverished in the Philippines.

A huge thank you to our talented and enthusiastic performers for a great show:
Scott Roy, Kristen Morrow, Sharlene Medel, YFC Surrey 2 Dance Squad
Neil Dy and Erick Medina –
Lou Papa (with Peter Byun) –
WeAverageOut – /
Dogwood and Dahlia –
Gio Levy –

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Building For Hope Benefit Concert 2010

May 15, 2010 | Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish Auditorium, Surrey BC

After the first concert was a success the group decided that another benefit concert would do well. This time they had a bit more time to prepare beginning in January of 2010. In that time they were able to get some sponsors who supported the mission whole-heartedly. The concert was filled with wonderful singers and musicians, and beautiful dancers which entertained the crowd that evening. They raised a lot of money that night and was very successful.

Special Shout-Out videos were created to help our cause by Vancouver’s very own The Beat 94.5′s Kid Carson Show, featuring Kid Carson, Neera Aurora and Amy Beeman as well as many YouTube stars.

Performances that night included: Gio Esqueta; Praise Team Senior Dance Team; Chris Marquez, Lou Papa and Peter Byun; Sharlene Medel; Jordan Cunanun; Shauntel Berenguel and Tayler; Kristen Morrow; John “C-Money” Chiogna and Brenton Collakoppen; Lizette Gatalanbayan and more!

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Building Homes for the Poor Benefit Concert

March 28, 2009 | St. Bernadette Parish Hall, Surrey BC

This was the first year doing the concert. They began planning around February and in within a month’s period they were able to pull off the unimaginable. A concert complete with amazing performers, inspiring guest speakers, a good location, and a wonderful audience was able to raise enough money to bring one family out of poverty.

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